Behind the Scene Content Ideas for Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, next to Facebook. A social media agency Hong Kong has noted that it roughly has 1 billion users as of 2022. It is now a photo and video sharing app. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, Instagram is best for brands and businesses that run visual content. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong says that short-form clips now dominate Instagram feeds. Below are some behind the scene content ideas for Instagram.

Business or Personal Tools

Instagram brands and businesses do not only compete in promoting products and services. They also need to collaborate. One way to do this is to feature business and personal tools that you have discovered or have been using in your behind the scene at work.


Do you have something you are struggling with? You may want to share it on your Instagram feed. Telling how you are working on it can also bring inspiration to audiences with the same struggles. Who knows, other Instagrammers may be able to give you valuable advice to overcome such challenges.

Daily Routines

A great behind the scene content on Instagram is showing your followers how you structure your day. Give them a preview of your interests, habits, and routines. Tell them what you do to relax or keep healthy. All these things can be somehow valuable to people sharing the same interests and preferences.


Emotions are a great way to appeal to the audiences’ hearts. Showing something that made you cry, feel excited, or laugh on Instagram can make your audience relate humanly. It opens up opportunities for deeper connections.


What are things that you cannot live without? It may be enticing to put them on your behind the scene content on Instagram. It can encourage others to do a fact or reality check if they have the same needs and style as yours.


Have you attended an event? Or are you preparing for an exciting one? Share it on Instagram! You may want to show what preparations you are making to make the event successful. It can entice audiences and influence them to join the event.

Friends, Family, or Pets

Your audience on Instagram is human. It may get them interested in seeing your friends, family members, or pets. They can be a great way to break the ice and start new conversations. It can also help you avoid being too salesy on your posts.

Fun Facts

Who doesn’t want fun facts? It should be about you and your brand that only a few people know. Fun facts can trigger curiosity and help audiences discover the reasons behind your actions.

Holidays & Occasions

How do you celebrate holidays and occasions? It may be in a traditional or unique way. What is important in sharing them as a behind the scene content on Instagram is that they can boost curiosity and start new conversations.


Things that inspire you can also inspire other people on Instagram. Sharing a visual of your inspiration board can be a great way to inspire your teammates and other audiences on Instagram.

Personal Goals

Sharing your personal goals is also a good way to show authenticity. If you have accomplished something or passed a milestone, celebrate them, however small, with your audiences and followers.

Team Members

It will be interesting for your Instagram followers to see who are your team members and what role they play in your company. Knowing them can build connections by telling the audience whom to connect with for a certain concern when you are not around.

Upcoming Projects

If you have upcoming projects like a business event or product launch, Instagram is the best platform to show what’s behind the scenes and make them curious about it.


Behind the scene, content is perfect for nurturing Instagram communities among brands and businesses. It can build authenticity, reputability, and trust.