The Key Takeaways of LinkedIn Spark 2022

Facebook may be the king of social media. But LinkedIn remains the largest global network for professionals. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong also notes that LinkedIn has been serving its users longer than Facebook. LinkedIn was founded in 2002, while Facebook was founded in 2004.

According to a social media agency Hong Kong, LinkedIn has nearly 740 million monthly average users (MAU) in 200 countries today. More than 40% of LinkedIn users open the app daily, clocking 1 billion interactions every month. Additionally, 40% of LinkedIn users are high-income earners. They earn around $75,000 per year. Over 60% of LinkedIn users are also decision-makers.

Recently, the platform held the Spark 2022 summit. It is an annual virtual sales event hosted by LinkedIn every year, as a video marketing agency Hong Kong said. Below, are the key takeaways of LinkedIn Spark 2022.


LinkedIn Spark is a sales industry summit aiming to help LinkedIn brands and businesses to achieve stronger sales results. This, they can do, by giving them better insights, tips, and tools. LinkedIn Spark believes that strengthening communities and relationships can empower the sales communities. So, the premier event provides actionable takeaways that sellers can apply in the evolving sales landscape.

The theme for LinkedIn Spark 2022 is “Your Moment Won’t Wait.” It is a 1-hour virtual experience hosted by Morgan J. Ingram, a 3x LinkedIn top sales voice in the year 2018, 2019, and 2020. The agenda and speaker’s lineup are as follow:

  • A Modern Way to Building a Network as discussed by LinkedIn’s Consultant, Natasha Vilaseca from Surge Flow Digital.
  • A New Era of Modern Selling as discussed by LinkedIn’s VP for Global Sales Solutions, Alyssa Merwin Henderson.
    From Insights to Action as discussed by LinkedIn’s Enterprise Relationship Manager for Sales Solutions,
  • Erica Schuelke, and Kallidus’ Head of Sales Development, Chris Scotney.
  • The Power of Relationships as discussed by Actor, Producer, Screenwriter & Entrepreneur, Ryan Reynolds.


Here is a brief outline of the top takeaways from LinkedIn Spark 2022.

Build Your Personal Brand

LinkedIn Spark 2022 provided three key paths to boost personal branding. First, every brand or business should think of a LinkedIn Profile as a landing page. It is the top funnel asset that attracts and converts potential customers. Therefore, brands and businesses should constantly update their LinkedIn profile information. Second, a complete LinkedIn profile can lead to an 87% increase in the acceptance rate of LinkedIn mail. Third, consistently posting valuable content on LinkedIn will nurture your followers and build credibility.

Grow Your LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn believes that your network is your net worth. So, they gave some tips on how to grow your LinkedIn network. Make connecting on LinkedIn a habit. Each time you met someone professional, it should be a daily routine to invite them to your LinkedIn network right away. Send personalized InMails. LinkedIn InMails are 3x more likely to be accepted than cold calls and 6x more likely to be accepted than emails. If you have champions within your network, it may be smart to request an endorsement from them. LinkedIn members trust brands and businesses endorsed by reputable industry leaders.

Leverage LinkedIn Data

LinkedIn Sales Navigator houses a lot of useful and valuable data for brands and businesses. Sellers connected to at 4 people on a LinkedIn account have 16% higher conversion rates. To multi-thread, a user can enable alerts to be notified every time a buyer has activity on LinkedIn. Sellers can also view LinkedIn’s account map to discover decision-makers in an account.