The Benefits of Sharing Stories on Facebook and Instagram

Everybody knows that Facebook started from a group of college friends in 2004. Their main aim is to connect Harvard students through an online community. On 28 March 2017, Facebook launched an iOS camera app with effects. It is also rolling out Facebook Stories.

According to a social media agency Hong Kong, Facebook Stories are ephemeral content that disappears 24 hours after it was posted. The move aimed to mimic Snapchat Stories, which is very popular during that time. Instagram has long been using the Stories feature since 2016. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong has noted that it was only in 2020 when the feature was integrated as one between Facebook and Instagram.

Since then, Stories have been popular among Facebook and Instagram users. Today, around 500 people tap into their power daily. A video marketing agency Hong Kong even cited Stories as a powerful way to promote brands, products, and services. Below, let us discuss the benefits of sharing stories on Facebook and Instagram.

It Boosts App Installs

Many brands and businesses can attest that sharing stories on Facebook and Instagram boosts app installs. As it allows brands and businesses to seamlessly post valuable content to their target audiences, awareness grows up. In turn, it prompts people to download apps within the story. A good example is Hevy, a workout planner and tracker app. By sharing what they can do for gym enthusiasts on their Facebook and Instagram Stories, they boost app installation by 12%.

It Encourages Content Sharing

Stories videos are eye-catching and work best with backgrounds. They encourage users to share their milestones and moods. As such sharing stories on Facebook and Instagram can encourage content sharing. Brands and businesses commonly use stickers as CTAs to share them. They have proven to be very effective. Among these brands are:

  • B612 increases Stories sharing by 3x on Facebook and Instagram.
  • KKBOX increases sharing stories for 3rd party content by 60%.
  • LOMOTIF experiences more people sharing their Facebook Stories 2.3x through CTAs.
  • Peloton Instagram Stories are shared over 500,000 times.

It Increases Engagement Rate

Engagement is a key goal among social media platforms. As sharing stories ease up the process of sharing seamless and valuable content, it also helps increase engagement rate. According to LOMOTIF, sharing stories on Facebook and Instagram doubles their daily average video views. It also increases the video session length by 8%.

It Supports User Retention

Sharing stories keep Facebook and Instagram users engage on a profile or page. For brands and businesses, this supports user retention. Sharing stories make followers stick around and watch out for more stories content. In fact, ICOOK achieved a 30% higher retention rate by sharing Instagram Stories. Muscle Booster recorded a 24% retention rate among Facebook followers who share Stories than those who don’t.

It Sums Up to Positive Business Results

All in all, sharing stories on Facebook and Instagram sums up positive business results. First off, it boosts social discovery. People prefer sharing content that they find entertaining and valuable, increasing the reach of such content. Second, when new users saw the shared Stories, they will be influenced to follow the brand or business on Facebook or Instagram. It boosted new user acquisition. Third, sharing stories can increase customer satisfaction. You can let them know about new products and services. You can build authentic connections by sharing behind the scenes. Better yet, you can educate them through quick how-tos.


Sharing Stories on Facebook and Instagram are powerful ways to help brands and businesses meet their goals. They sound like to be a very good resolution to include in your 2022 marketing strategies!