The Basic Elements of a Social Media Strategy

More than half of the world’s population has a social media account. To give a rough estimate, the total number is roughly 4.62 billion, as a social media agency Hong Kong noted. That is why a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights the importance of a social media strategy among brands and businesses. It is a way to reach audiences and build a strong following to sustain growth, as a video marketing agency Hong Kong says. The question now is what makes a good social media strategy. Below we have listed the basic elements of a social media strategy. Focusing on this list ensures success in whatever platform a brand or business wants to conquer.

Audience Retargeting

Most social media platforms have tools to help brands and businesses segment their target audience. They make social media an effective way to market products and services to people who will most likely need or prefer them. Yet many people click a social media post, look around the website and leave without buying. It makes audience retargeting a vital element of a social media strategy.

Audience retargeting is also known as remarketing. The tactic is to show similar ads to people who have shown positive interest in an application or offer. Paid advertising makes up a large portion of audience retargeting. Through website pixels, brands and businesses can retarget audiences by:

  • Promoting new ads to heavy shoppers
  • Reminding inactive users about an app they have already installed
  • Reminding users to complete conversion, i.e., abandoned cart, event registration, etc.
  • Testing creatives on different cohorts to see how they perform
  • Upselling relevant app upgrades, products, or services

Community Growth

The number one metric of a social media page is its number of followers. It is not just for vanity. It is more of a chance for brands and businesses to nurture a community. Community growth in social media means driving meaningful traffic and nurturing valuable relationships with a customer base.

To do so, brands and businesses should develop clear branding. They should post quality content that is relevant to their industry or niche. They should do such posting consistently to keep the audiences excited for any new trend or update. Community growth also involves interacting with the followers as they comment, like, react, or review a social media post.

Content Engagement

Content engagement is the measure of all the actions generated by a social media post. These include clicks, comments, downloads, likes, reactions, and shares. Growing content engagement is the aim of the game in every social media strategy. The best way to do so is to pay attention to timing. Post when most of your target audiences are active and online. Create interactive content to surprise your followers. Ask them about their thoughts and incentivize engagements.

Website Clicks

The number one way to get money on social media is to influence your audiences to buy your products and services. It can only happen through website clicks. When someone clicks on your social media post, they will be directed to the website of a brand or business. Other times, they will be directed to an eCommerce page to make it easy for them to complete a purchase. As such, a good amount of social media content should focus on getting website clicks.