Meta Publishes a Cultural Trends Report

In October 2021, Facebook undergo a major rebranding. The company changed its name to Meta and its niche as a social tech company. Yet, Facebook is still the king of social media. Together with Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, Facebook is under Meta’s family of apps.

A social media agency Hong Kong notes that Meta focuses on a social media experience within a three-dimensional world. As Mark Zuckerberg mentioned in his founder’s letter, connections are evolving, so Meta needs to evolve. To bring the metaverse into life, its mission is to develop collaboration, gaming, and learning through 3D spaces.

Today, a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights that Meta publishes a cultural trends report. It aims to help brands and businesses discover and understand the ever-changing online culture. For a

video marketing agency Hong Kong, the report can help marketers discover what happened and what is coming up.

Meta publishes a cultural trends report entitled “Culture Rising: 2022 Trends Report.” The study was spearheaded by Facebook IQ, Meta’s insights & marketing research team. The report evolved under four major global themes. These are:

  • Diversifying Identities
  • Expanding Values
  • Greater Expectations
  • Relationships Renegotiated

Diversifying Identities

Authenticity and self-expression bring the things that divide people to keep them closer together as a cultural trend. During the COVID-19 pandemic, 96% of conversations focused on positive body movement. These include awareness of the needs of people with disability and mental depression. Gender evolution covers not only the male and female species. The cultural trend now welcomes lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and queers (LGBTQ+). As such, Facebook adopted a gender language translation system. The rising historical reckoning has constantly touched racial injustices issues. Around 78% of global conversations covered human rights and racial equality. So, Facebook strongly promotes diversity and inclusion.

Expanding Values

Shopping habits are no longer an act of self-expression. Instead, it is more of a self-preservation process. Local purchases increased by 55%. There was a sonic boom as audio grows significantly. Audio rooms and podcasts have been a popular means of real-time conversations. Instant shopification speeds up delivery from 2 days to 2 hours. Growing concerns about the planet’s sustainability and ultimate wellness have also risen.

Greater Expectations

People today have greater expectations – greater dreams. Traditional schooling turns to online classes. Many brands and businesses adopted a flexible working environment. Many online businesses emerge as Meta is digitally enterprising. There was also a rise in cryptocurrency conversations and usages.

Relationships Renegotiated

People engaged with their devices to nurture relationships. It is where they now collaborate, interact, love, and meet. Such renegotiated relationships created a new techquilibrium as culture trends report. Around 66% of people get excited with technology, with 39% getting interested in haptic innovations. Today, the nano community focuses on the metaverse. Silicon Valley is set to display a new look through avatars, Oculus, Roblox, and virtual reality.