Killer Tips to Grow on Instagram

Instagram is one of the big social media players today. It ranks 6th of the most used social media platforms and 10th of the most searched global sites. In 2012, Facebook bought it for $1 billion. In 2020, it generated a revenue of $20 billion in ads alone. No wonder brands and businesses are constantly looking for killer tips to grow on Instagram with 1.074 billion monthly active users (MAU).

If you want to build a community and maximize engagement on Instagram, a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong recommends starting with the basics. Creating a powerful bio and consistency on the content theme and posting helps Instagrammers visualize your brand or business. Continuously engage your followers with captions, hashtags, Reels, and Stories. Below, let us discuss these killer tips to grow on Instagram. 


A social media agency Hong Kong notes that the first thing people see when they visit a business page on Instagram is the bio. So, brands and businesses should make it to grab the attention of your page visitors. The most powerful Instagram bio convinces people to follow the page by showcasing the personality of a brand or business. A killer tip to grow on Instagram is to use related keywords to your niche on your profile name. As you click the “edit profile” button, the name field appears. This makes up your Instagram profile URL and is the key to rank on SEO. Remember, the name is different from a username. To convince people to follow your page, tell them what you do and why they need you. Instagram only allows 150 characters on a bio. So, be creative enough to highlight your niche and skills. A touch of fun or humor makes you more relatable among Instagrammers.


To make a brand or business memorable on Instagram, it needs to stick to a consistent theme. It makes the grid cohesive by using uniform text and visuals on different content. Decide on a color scheme that everyone in the team will follow when posting content. You may also need to use a uniform text style for your captions and hashtags. Don’t forget to insert a logo that relates to the identity of the brand or business.


A video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights the newest video feature of Instagram – Reels. Reels are short music clips. As a form of ads, they are very engaging, with a large number of Instagrammers being millennials. Posting Reels regularly is one of the best killer tips to grow on Instagram. Brands and businesses can use Reels to:

  • Give a sneak peek of new products and services.
  • Go behind the scenes.
  • Introduce the real side of a brand or business.
  • Provide tips and tricks.
  • Show before and after scenarios when using a product or service.


Instagram Stories is another killer tip to grow on Instagram. Around 500 million Instagrammers tap into Stories daily. It can help brands and businesses grow their reach as Instagram Stories are featured on the explore tab and feeds. Users can also tag up to 10 accounts when posting and sharing Stories. Besides, 1/3 of Instagram Stories viewed daily are from brands and businesses.


Instagram caption unlocks more comments, likes, saves, and shares among any type of content. You may be already posting stunning images and videos on your Instagram page. But you fail to write engaging captions and lose opportunities to connect with the audience better. There are three ways on how a caption can be a killer tip to grow on Instagram.

  • They boost website traffic.
  • They convince people to follow you on Instagram.
  • They improve conversions.

Strong visuals can slow down Instagrammers as they scroll. While engaging in captions can lift marketing and sales more. 


Instagram hashtags are clickable emojis, letters, and numbers that Instagrammers use to categorize the content. They also make the content more discoverable. Using a hashtag on Instagram expands the reach of content as it appears on pages with the used hashtag. Instagram allows using up to 10 hashtags on Stories and 30 hashtags on other content formats. So, if you maximize using the 30 hashtags on an Instagram post, it will end up being seen on 30 different pages besides the regular feeds. 


Instagram is not only a community of consumers. It is also a community of creators. Interacting with other accounts can help a page grow on Instagram. Collaboration boosts the discovery and reaches of Instagram content by highlighting them not only on your page but on other account pages. Partnering with other creators, or say an influencer, to take photos and videos together allows you to reach both your account and partner’s followers. Commenting on trending conversations makes a brand and business visible to other Instagrammers. Sending direct messages to other creators for ideas and partnership builds a lasting relationship. Interacting with other accounts on Instagram is a key to growth. Remember that Instagram is a social media platform. Thus, it evolves mainly on communities and connections.