How to Promote Podcasts on Facebook

In 2004, Ben Hammersly coined the term “podcasting” in his article for The Guardian. He quoted it as an audible revolution for online radio. That was also the time when MTV Jockey Adam Curry launched the Daily Source Code. It became one of the most popular podcasts in history. 

According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, podcasts boomed in 2005. Apple introduced iTunes 4.9, the first native support for podcasting. It helped big companies realize the potential of the podcast for marketing. Podcast also became the “word of the year” at Oxford Dictionary. 

As of 2021, a social media agency Hong Kong notes that there are now more than 2 million podcasts with 48 million episodes. A video marketing agency Hong Kong noted that it has been a great competition for video content nowadays. With that said, here’s how to promote podcasts on Facebook.


A podcast in simple words is an audio program. People subscribe to it and listen whenever they like. Podcasts are commonly focused on a certain topic or theme. They are free, on-demand, and niche talk radios. The term podcast is an integration of iPod and broadcast. They can be made by churches, comedians, companies, individuals, radio networks, storytellers, and TV networks. Until now, there is no pre-determined format for them. But, they can all be broken up into episodes and seasons. These episodes are typically stored in a podcast hosting company. 


At Facebook, podcasts are a simple way to engage directly with followers, reach new audiences, and streamline your growth. Facebook currently enabled podcast among US users and mobile devices listeners. 

To be eligible to promote podcasts on Facebook, you must have a Facebook Page with at least one admin, and the Page admin must be with good Facebook standing. You will need to acknowledge the podcast content with the necessary rights to distribute on Facebook. All podcast content should follow Facebook Ads Policies, Community Standards, and Podcasts Terms of Service.

You can add your podcast using the RSS feed of your Facebook Page. Simply click your Facebook Page via desktop, then add your podcast using the RSS feed. Confirm the podcast through an authentication code sent to your registered email address. Then confirm whether you want to “Enable Clips.” If you enable podcast clips, it will allow Facebook users to share your podcast episode snippets on Facebook.

Facebook plays a key role in promoting podcasts to a larger audience. Uploading podcasts on your Facebook Page will make them appear in the following feeds:

  • Audio Destination of the Facebook Watch tab in the U.S.
  • Facebook News Feeds 
  • In the podcast tab of a Facebook Page


Some key features of Facebook Podcasts are listed below.


Facebook enables auto-caption for every podcast upload. It means that users can turn the sound off and still read the caption to understand the message on the podcast.

Background Listening

Facebook Podcast listeners can continue scrolling their news feeds even if the podcast app has been minimized. With background listening, they can still listen to a Facebook podcast while multi-tasking.


Facebook podcasts can be broken down into 30second clips. Users can segment their favorite part and share it on their Facebook news feeds. Such a feature can be enabled or disabled on the Podcast tab settings.

Comments & Reactions

Podcast hosts and listeners can directly connect and engage with each other via comments and reactions. Both parties can ask questions or send replies. They can also like, react, or share a podcast like a regular Facebook post.

Save to Collections

Facebook users can save the podcast to their audio collections for future use.