Google Shares Its Holiday 100 List

Google is the largest global search engine. These days, it even serves the functions of a social media platform. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong notes that Google processes around 3.5 billion searches daily. It is visited by different users 62.19 billion times every year. It has also resulted in 23% of site visits through organic searches. 

These are just some reasons why brands and businesses should never underestimate the power of Google to make their offerings universally accessible as a social media agency Hong Kong says. Below, let us explore what’s in as Google shares its Holiday 100 List!

Google’s Holiday 100 List is a prediction of the top 100 categories and products in the United States this holiday season. The list is based on Google’s top searches this year. The listing is pretty basic. But it can provide key information that brands and businesses may need to capitalize on during the holidays.

Top 7 Categories

  1. Gaming
  2. Health & Beauty
  3. Fragrances
  4. Kitchen Gears
  5. Sports & Fitness
  6. Toys & Games
  7. Tech

Category No. 1 – Gaming

Category No. 2 – Health & Beauty

Category No. 3 – Fragrances

Category No. 4 – Kitchen Gear

Category No. 5 – Sports & Fitness

Category No. 6 – Toys & Games

Category No. 7 – Tech


Google’s Holiday 100 List reflects the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gaming is still a hit as millennials were forced to stay at home because of the lockdowns and social distancing. It gives them an immersive experience while away time inside the house. 

People also became more conscious about their health. They also got a lot of time enhancing their looks. Home equipment and fitness gears continue to trend. While toys and texts will be a popular inclusion underneath the Christmas tree. 

Marketers should definitely take a look at Google’s Holiday 100 List as it can help them formulate better ideas for their holiday campaigns.