Getting More Exposure and Sales via Instagram Shopping

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms today. It is a photo and video sharing app using high-definition cameras and high-quality photo editing tools. There are around 1.074 billion Instagrammers worldwide. Instagram posts generate 4x more engagement than a Facebook post. The platform influences 80% of its users in their buying experience. All of these statistics just prove that Instagram shopping is a great way to generate more exposure and sales. Here’s how!

Use Instagram Product Tags, Shopping Catalogs, and Shops

One of the main roles of a social media agency Hong Kong is to look for creative ideas that can boost the exposure, reach, and sales of brands on Instagram. Luckily, Instagram business pages can now tap into eCommerce using product tags. They make Instagram images, Stories, and videos into shoppable posts. There are three types of product tags: name stickers, translucent texts, and shopping bag icons. Another way to transform an Instagram account into a digital storefront is by using Shopping Catalogs and Shops. These features make the Instagrammers’ buying experience easier. They can browse products within the platform and directly check out their carts without leaving Instagram. A Big Commerce analysis showed that shoppable posts increased website traffic by 1,416%

Before using Instagram product tags, shopping catalogs, and shops, a business needs to seek approval for Instagram Shopping under the following eligibility:

  • The business should be located in a supported market
  • The business has an eligible product. Facebook restricts merchants to sell physical goods on selected product categories. 
  • The business must comply with the Commerce Policies and Merchant Agreement of Facebook and Instagram. 
  • The business must have an eCommerce website.
  • The business must connect the Instagram account to a Facebook Page.

Optimize Product Tagging 

Most Instagrammers visit the platform not to shop but to browse for ideas and inspirations. On average, they spend less than an hour daily. As such, brands should be more straightforward to encourage viewers to take quick actions. First, put the link to a brand’s eCommerce website on the Instagram bio. This makes it easier for Instagrammers to locate it should they wish to browse different products. Choose imagery for your brand that reflects your target audience. Position product tags on places where users can easily tap them. Better yet, convert these tags into CTAs to provoke quick action.  You may put “Learn More,” “Shop Now,” “Subscribe,” etc. For every post featuring products, don’t forget to add these tags. Make every content opportunity on Instagram a shoppable post.

The benefits of video marketing Hong Kong on Instagram are huge. So, don’t forget to use product tags on these mediums. IGTV is a stand-alone Instagram app that lets users upload videos from 2 minutes to a TV episode length. They are 4x more visible than a regular Instagram feed. To improve exposure and sales, brands may add product tags on IGTV content such as cliffhangers, CTAs, and teasers. Adding product tags and relevant hashtags on Reels increases the chance of product discovery on the Explore, Hashtag, and Reels’ feed. Every day, 500 million Instagram accounts use Stories. 70% of the most-viewed Stories are from brands and businesses. Adding product tags on Instagram Stories is an organic way of promoting shopping. It’s a smart way to connect brand storytelling to the products they offer. 

Convert Shopping Catalogs into Guides

In May 2020, Instagram launched Guides, a new format to share curated and scrollable contents. Guides come under three categories: places, posts, and products. Places Guides allow location-based recommendations like coffee shops, restaurants, stores, tourist attractions, etc. Posts Guides is a versatile way of sharing bits of advice, inspirations, and stories. On the other hand, Product Guides help brands and businesses to add extra comments or contexts to their shoppable products. Turning Shopping Catalogs into Product Guides can optimize their exposure on the Explore tab and within a Page Profile tab. They can easily be shared on Instagram Stories by simply tapping the paper plane icon of a Guide content.

Promote Your Instagram Shops

The best way to promote a brand’s Instagram Shop is to announced and share its availability on other social media accounts. Facebook and Twitter are the two platforms on top of the list. Another way to boost exposure and sales is by sending an email blast. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong suggests including simple shopping instructions within the email. Creating Instagram Stories and organic posts that highlight Instagram Shops is also a great way to convert viewers into buyers. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags. Hashtags make Instagram Shops and products appear on the Shopping Explore tabs of high-intent buyers.

Overall, Instagram Shopping allows consumers to discover brands and products on the Explore tab, feeds, IGTV, Reels, and Stories. Product tags help them easily check out if they wish to buy a product. Shopping Catalogs allow the discovery of more product selections, while Instagram Shops makes the shopping experience painless and simple. To get more exposure and sales via Instagram Shopping, the key is to make your audience “See, Tap, and Shop.”