Boost Your Wisdom Through These Social Media Marketing Podcasts

According to Robert Gerrish, a business speaker, “You just need one person to listen, get your message, and pass it on to someone else. And you’ve doubled your audience.” This is the essence of podcasting. It is a form of audio discussion about a current event or a particular topic. Today, there are around 30 million podcast episodes and 850,000 active podcasts. The podcast market revenue is also predicted to exceed $1 billion this year. Editors, industry experts, journalists, politicians, and thought leaders are the most common podcasters. By airing their audio recording online, they were able to share their knowledge and point of view among their listeners. For brands and businesses, a certain niche in podcasting is rising. These are podcasts that can boost your wisdom in social media marketing. To save your effort and time, you may want to listen to these social media marketing podcasts.

Ace the Gram

digital marketing speaker Hong Kong recommends Ace the Gram if you want to boost your wisdom about the social media network, Instagram. IG experts Tasha May and Viv Conway host the podcast. Tasha was the founder of Tastefully Tash, a digital marketing company based in New Zealand, while Viv was the founder of Vivid Sportswear, an online sportswear store for women. The podcast’s reach is international. They cover Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Through “Ace the Gram,” Tash and Viv uniquely talk about their personal and business approaches. They employ both interviews and monologues on the podcast with traditional topics revolving around:

  • How to Fast Track Engagement on Instagram
  • How to Grow an Instagram Profile
  • How to Leverage Influencer Marketing on Instagram

This podcast is a refreshing change from the everyday lectures on marketing principles.

Maximize Your Social Media Influence

Hosted by Neil Shaffer, Maximize Your Social Media Influence airs weekly for 30 minutes. Neil is the CEO of a digital and social media marketing agency under his own name in Irvine, California. The podcast started in 2013 under the name “Social Business Unplugged.” The name was changed after the successful release of the book that Neil authored – “The Age of Influence.” Neil has an outstanding background in digital and social media marketing. His podcast teaches entrepreneurs, marketers, and small businesses how to leverage and monetize their social media influence. Social media influencers are the common guests of Neil on the podcasts. They share their personal experiences during the interviews and provide insights on content creation. The podcast also highlights tools that brands and businesses can use to increase social media ROI on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

Social Pros Podcast

A social media agency Hong Kong recommends the Social Pros Podcast, one of the first social media podcasts. It is also one of the longest-running podcasts ever. The show is hosted by Adam Brown and Jay Baer and airs weekly for around 30 to 60 minutes. Adam is the Strategy Account Director of Salesforce – the world’s number one CRM platform. Jay is the founder of Convince and Convert, a digital marketing platform. Each episode of the Social Pros Podcast features leading social media strategists from all walks of life. They share insights on current ideas and trends about social media marketing. The podcast covers topics like Facebook engagement, how to build Instagram followers, and why social media customer service is important in a solid marketing plan. What is best about the said podcast are the actionable insights that social media marketers can put to use right away.

Social Zoom Factor Podcast

Hosted by Pam Moore, the Social Zoom Factor Podcast airs every weekday for around 15 to 30 minutes. Pam is the CEO of Marketing Nutz, an advertising and marketing agency in Orlando, Florida. In 2020, she was one of the top 10 Forbes lists of social media influencers. A video marketing agency Hong Kong recommends this podcast if you want to integrate experiential branding and social media marketing to zoom your business results. You will not be disappointed with the energy and information Pam brings. Each of her episodes brings actionable tactics and strategies that brands and businesses can implement right away. What is best about the Social Zoom Factor Podcast is that it covers social media marketing topics not only on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but also LinkedIn and YouTube. Pam shares some valuable insights on content marketing and video marketing as well.

The Bottom Line

Boost your wisdom through social media marketing podcasts! You can listen to them whenever and wherever. They can save your effort and time to stay updated on industry news and trends. For every social media marketing podcast episode, you will get on-demand access to pieces of advice from your industry experts and insights that matter most to your niche.